One Stop Chennai Car Rental Solutions

Travel. It is the fourth integral element of life after food, clothing and shelter. Inseparable from mankind, travel has existed ever since man has. What started as travel by ‘walk’ has now evolved over the years and has transformed the mode of transportation. Today, we’re in the age of ‘space shuttle’, ‘supersonic jets’, ‘bullet trains’ and high speed automobile’ racing against time to reach destinations… to meet our deadlines.

Pioneering the art of safe and faster travel by automobiles is Fogo Car Rentals, a professional travel service major and a group company of Fogo Holidays, a premier company in the world of leisure and hospitality industry with a reputation that spans across the globe. We invite you to browse through our portal to know more about us at Fogo Car Rentals. After all, to go places in life, safe and secure, is what you always wanted to. Isn’t it?

The most economic mode of travel, the scheme is designed for short travel assignments with economic budget.

The cars you travel in this scheme are premium in status. The cars are a symbol of comfort and style

We call this scheme the art of travelling in luxury and style. The cars you travel are truly loaded with luxury, comfort and safety .

This scheme is absolutely the right choice for those travelling in groups longing for more space and leg room.

Our specialization in rental services extends also to air-conditioned luxury buses most ideally suited for long distance group travel.

One of our core competencies in rental services is to cater the travel needs of corporate majors.

Chennai to Tirupathi is the choicest of pilgrimages taken as families to witness the Lord and to seek his blessings.

Pondicherry Trip is the stimulating and refreshing experience as you will see here miles of sun kissed beaches .

Every division of India has various romantic destinations that attract couples and provide them a just right climate for romantic vacation.